AbbreviationFull form
CONCORContainer Corporation of India Limited
CRTContainer Train Terminal
CRWSCoach Rehabilitation Workshop
CPOChief Personnel Officer
CRCentral Railway
CRBChairman Railway Board
CRISCentre for Railway Information Systems
CRSCommissioner of Railway Safety
COSController of Stores
CVCCentral Vigilance Commission
CWEChief Workshop Engineer
D&GDirection and General
DLWDiesel Locomotive Works
DoTDepartment of Telecommunication
DPRDetailed Project Report
DRMDivisional Railway Manager
EACEstimated Annual Consumption
ECOREast Coast Railway
ECREast Central Railway
EMUElectric Multiple Unit
EOLEngine On Load
EPFEmployees Provident Fund
EREastern Railway
ESIEmployees State Insurance
FA&CAOFinancial Advisor and Chief Accounts Officer
FOBFoot Overbridge
FOISFreight Operations Information System
FSLAFreight Service and Ledger Account
GCGauge Conversion
GMGeneral Manager
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GSDGeneral Store Depot
GSM-RGlobal System for Mobile Communication-Railway
GTKMGross Tonnage per Kilometre
HSDHigh Speed Diesel
ICDInternational Container Depot
ICFIntegral Coach Factory
IOHIntermediate Overhaul
IRIndian Railways
IRCONIndian Railway Construction Organisation
IRCTCIndian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation
IRPSMIndian Railways Projects Sanctions & Management
IRRInternal Rate of Return
IRSODIndian Railway Schedule of Dimensions
ISSIntegrated Security System
IRCAIndian Railway Conference Association
KVICKhadi and Village Industries Commission
LCLevel Crossing
MISManagement Information System
MLRMidlife Rehabilitation
MoRMinistry of Railways
MoUMemorandum of Understanding
MPLADMembers of Parliament Local Area Development
MRMetro Railway
NCRNorth Central Railway
NEFRNortheast Frontier Railway
NERNorth Eastern Railway
NPSNew Pension Scheme
NRNorthern Railway
NREGANational Rural Employment Guarantee Act
NTXRNeutral Train Examiner
NWRNorth Western Railway
OFCOptic Fibre Cable
OHEOver Head Electrical Equipment
PCEPrincipal Chief Engineer
PMSParcel Management System
POHPeriodical Overhaul
PSUPublic Sector Undertaking
RCRate Circular
RDSOResearch, Design and Standards Organisation
RERailway Electrification
RITESRail India Technical and Economic Services Limited
RKMRoute Kilometers
RMTRail Milk Tanker
ROBRoad Overbridge
RORRate of Return
RRRailway Receipts
RUBRoad Underbridge
RVNLRail Vikas Nigam Limited
SCADASupervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SCRSouth Central Railway
SLRsBrake Vans
SPSectioning and Paralleling Post
SPTOSpecial Parcel Train Operator
SRSouthern Railway
Sr. DCMSenior Divisional Commercial Manager
Sr. DPOSenor Divisional Personnel Officer
Sr. DOMSenior Divisional Operations Manager
SSPSub Sectioning and Paralleling Post
TOTTransfer of Technology
SWASender’s Weight Accepted
SWRSouth Western Railway
TATraffic Accounts
TCTender Committee
TEUTwenty Feet Equivalent Unit
TSTrain Superintendent
TKMTrack Kilometre
TSSTraction Sub-station
TTETravelling Ticket Examiner
TVUTravelled Vehicle Unit
VPParcel Van
WCRWest Central Railway
WPCWireless Planning and Coordination
WRWestern Railway
CTOContainer Train Operators
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